Data Escrow

ICANN’s Registry Data Escrow Program


The internet community also relies on Escrow4all’s high level services

Escrow4all is the only escrow agent in the Benelux approved by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) as Third Party Provider (TPP) for the provision of Registry Data Escrow (RyDE) services.

Escrow4all provides Registry Data Escrow for the New gTLDs (such as .amsterdam). In this capacity, our focus is to provide data escrow services to European registry operators of gTLDs and we closely cooperate with back-end registry operators such as SIDN.


Experience with escrowing domain data originated over five years ago.

Because we meet all requirements from ICANN, we are able to help Registry Operators meeting data escrow requirements with a minimum amount of effort.

Escrow4all’s benefits include

  • ISO 27001 certified in the entire delivery chain (Escrow4all and all data centers)
  • Testing to ensure that the data meets ICANN standards
  • Fully automated deposit and verification processes
  • Guaranteed storage of data deposits in Europe
  • Redundant data centers located exclusively in Europe
  • In-house technical and legal teams
  • Excellent customer services and competent helpdesk
Technical aspects

In case a registry operator is no longer capable to provide support, this could harm the interests of holders of domain names and a large group of end users.

Data Escrow ensures that a copy of registration data is securely stored. All ICANN required verifications are properly carried out by Escrow4all.


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