About our verifications

An escrow arrangement stands or falls with the quality of the escrow deposit. Readability, completeness, functionality are only a few of the vital elements to be considered. This is why parties increasingly demand higher standards – and rightly so!

Escrow4all has its own team of Verification Consultants. Each consultant has at least 10 years of relevant experience and has executed hundreds of verifications covering all types of software development languages and technologies. Using this expertise we have developed three quality verification solutions which we offer at the best price-quality ratio in the market.

VerifOne – Check

A basic check which is executed for each escrow deposit.
Where other basic verifications are more administrative than technical in nature we provide added value by actively checking if source code of the application in escrow is available. Furthermore only experienced verification consultants are employed in Escrow4all’s technical department. Cost for a VerifOne is part of the yearly fees.

Process summary

  1. Escrow deposit is provided including a Deposit Form.
  2. An experienced verification consultant executes the verification.
  3. Parties receive a verification report.

VerifTwo – Compile and collect

A universally applicable verification which starts with an analysis of the existing development environment after which the application is compiled, deployed and tested.
Valuable time is saved as a licensor does not have to create and provide the escrow deposit in advance – at the end of the verification material is collected and transported by our verification consultant. A VerifTwo verification is a yearly recurring component of the Software Escrow Frame Agreement. Escrow4all charges a fixed, competitive fee for its VerifTwo verification.

Process summary

  1. Kick-off/ project meeting with parties
  2. Analysis of existing development environment.
  3. Compile and build application.
  4. Deploy of application in (existing) test environment.
  5. Test of application.
  6. Collect escrow material.
  7. Create and distribute extensive verification report.

VerifThree – Complete

This verification starts with creating a new development environment.

After all, a full recovery in case of a calamity requires a different development environment than that of the developer. Operating system, databases, tools etc. are installed in the new environment and when the new environment is ready the application is compiled/build, deployed and tested. All these processes are directed by a project plan agreed upon by all parties.

According to technical insiders the VerifThree is the only verification method that provides complete security. A successfully implemented VerifThree offers 99.9% security that the escrow deposit is complete and useful. Escrow4all charges a fixed, competitive fee for its VerifThree verification.

Process summary

  1. Kick-off/ project meeting with parties.
  2. Create project plan.
  3. Validate source code.
  4. Analysis of application environment.
  5. Create new development environment.
  6. Compile and build application using validated source code.
  7. Create new test environment.
  8. Deploy application.
  9. Test application.
  10. Create and distribute verification report.

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