Escrow4all charges transparant and cost effective fees for its services. If you want a quality escrow arrangement we can provide it and provide it cost effectively! Furthermore our verification services have the best price <> quality ratio in the market.

As we feel that to be poorly insured is the same as not being insured we do not provide passive (no verification/updates) escrow arrangements. Our clients request and receive value-for-money!

What are the fees for an Escrow Arrangement?
The fees of an escrow arrangement depend mostly on the type of escrow arrangement and the service- and verification level. Issues as contract term, value of the contract, volume and terms of payment will of course have an impact on the fees.

As comparing the fees of the various escrow agents is often a futile exercise (service levels vary per escrow agent even when the product has a similar name) our sales consultants are available to assist you in finding the best solution for the best fees. Please contact us for more information.

Who pays for the escrow arrangement?
Under normal circumstances the party that requests the service pays – this is also applicable with escrow arrangements. The most common scenarios:

  • For one-on-one escrow arrangements – for example a 3-party agreement – the invoice is sent to the licensee.
  • Suppliers which have closed a frame agreement (2-party agreement) will charge the fees to the beneficiaries which signed on. As part of the license fee, Service Level Agreement or as a service item on a separate invoice. It is not unusual for a supplier to charge a fee to cover its expenses under the escrow arrangement – for example for creating the escrow deposit or supporting the verifications.
  • When a user group signs an escrow arrangement the fees are discussed with the executive committee. Part of the membership fee then covers the cost of the escrow arrangement.

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