SaaS Escrow

Proven continuity plan for online software


Always access to your web applications, even if the SaaS vendor is in distress.

With traditional escrow agreements the continuity focus is to secure the source code: safely stored, verified, updated and only to be released to licensee under special circumstances. For hosted applications the continuity focus is to ensure that the online application remains available and that user data can be accessed.

Escrow4all is innovative in nature. Based on the end user’s need, we have developed our unique SaaS Escrow agreement. Instead relying on old industry habits, we have created a new industry standard. Securing source code is no longer the primarily focus.


Hosting providers

Escrow4all liaises with over 50 hosting providers for the provision of SaaS Escrow arrangements


Often source code escrows are used for the protection of failure of all kinds of SaaS applications.

To software users, this has limited or even no value at all. Although it is in theory possible to rebuild an application using the source code, in the real world the process is likely time consuming and challenging. Even a well-prepared migration often requires more time and effort than anticipated. And what about the availability of real time user data?

Service model SaaS
The service delivery model for SaaS Escrow is less universal than that for client-server or on-premise software. This is why there is no “one size fits all” SaaS arrangement covering all scenarios imaginable. Based on your unique requirements, we have modular and coherent services and agreements available to create a perfect solution for you.

The SaaS Escrow arrangement includes the legal rights to use the continuity plan, a source code deposit where applicable and uninterrupted availability of the SaaS application thanks to an agreement with the hosting provider or datacenter.

Legal aspects

Every SaaS Escrow agreement consists of two contractual parts.

SaaS Escrow Agreement between the SaaS vendor and one or more clients
All agreements between parties and their rights and obligations are clearly defined in a transparent contract.This forms the basis of every escrow arrangement – for one client or unlimited number of users.

Agreement Continuation Hosting Services
This is an agreement between Escrow4all and the hosting partner where the hosting partner commits – under specific circumstances – to ‘continue the service’ while Escrow4all takes over the (financial) obligations. Even when the SaaS vendor is in default.

Technical aspects

In case of a calamity it is vital that all information important for maintenance and access are secured.

Our experienced Verification Consultants collect and verify all vital elements during the following verifications:

Access check

Collect and verify vital data of servers and infrastructure.

Maintenance check

Collect and verify vital data with regard to maintenance.

Source code verifications

Verification of source code (optional).


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