Escrow4all: ISO 27001 certified for 10th year in a row

‘Ever since the start of our company, we have been conscious of the importance of information security. It was therefore only logical that we wanted to reinforce this vision with an ISO certification. Data security and everything associated with it was an integral part of our daily operations from the beginning.’ Speaking is Frank Zomerdijk, responsible for operations and security at Escrow4all. ‘Partly for this reason, ISO has always been a subject that we take extremely seriously within our organization. And we have to because we are constantly working with our customers’ sensitive data. You must make information security, and everything related to it a serious part of our organization.

Colleague Danny Leysma, sales manager at the company adds: ‘Moreover, our customers also expect us to have this aspect under control. That, quite rightly, is simply taken for granted.’

Total Control

Frank: ‘When we received our first ISO certification, which is now 10 years ago, it was still quite new of course. Mainly because there are so many different parts and themes involved. But we approached it systematically, almost from the beginning. With every change, we asked ourselves what it meant from a security point of view. For example, when our team got bigger, it becomes standard process that when we hired people, we requested a Certificate of Conduct (from the Dutch Minister of Legal Protection). I can give numerous related examples embedded into our processes!’

ISO integrated into DNA, even at home

Danny: ‘I notice that the ISO best practices also work its way into my home situation. For example, if I leave my desk, I automatically lock my notebook. It has become a habit. The whole ISO mindset has become integrated into the way of working both inside and outside our company. This varies from having a technical area where not just anyone can walk in, to the way we handle our data both physically and digitally. And everything in between. I dare say that ISO has been incorporated into the DNA of our way of doing and thinking’.

Demonstrable proof

‘Agreed!’ Frank confirms. ‘To the outside world it is demonstrable and transparent that we know what we are doing when it comes to information security. And we have to, because after all, customers entrust us with important digital assets and they have to be able to assume that we handle this data properly. It has been in our DNA from the day we started Escrow4all. And it has remained so until today and will continue so in all days to come.’


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