January 15, 2024

Escrow4all has in accordance with articles in the escrow contract adjusted the 2024 Annual Escrow Fee based on the general price index (CBS StatLine – Consumer prices; price index 2015=100) as published by the Dutch Central Statistical Office (CBS).

The following calculation has been used:

2023 January7.6%
2023 February8.0%
2023 March4.4%
2023 April5.2%
2023 May6.1%
2023 June5.7%
2023 July4.6%
2023 August3.0%
2023 September0.2%
2023 October-0.4%
2023 November1.6%
2023 December1.2%

The Dutch Central Statistical Office (CBS) has set the CPI index for the whole of 2023 at 3.8%. Please see announcement from CBS.


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