SaaS Bazen Podcast: What is a SaaS Escrow and why do you need it?

Escrow4all was recently a guest at Johan de Wit, the host of SaaS Bazen, the largest SaaS founders community in the Netherlands and Belgium.

“What is an escrow, more specifically: what is a SaaS escrow? Why do you need it, and when?
My guest today is Herman Kui, founder of Escrow4all, and he will answer these questions. A SaaS escrow is high on the priority list of few SaaS Bosses, which is understandable, but it can still be an extremely important part – or even a prerequisite – for winning bigger deals.

Listen to the story of Herman here!”

Listen to this podcast on the website van SaaS Bazen website, via Spotify or one of the other podcast apps.


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