Repository: up-to-date with your own escrow repository

The days when the source code of software or infrastructure was only updated a few times a year are long gone. SaaS, IaaS and PaaS providers now develop these on the basis of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD). As a result, changes are implemented more frequently. But how do you – with this continuous flow of updates – keep the escrow deposit up to date? Thanks to Escrow4all’s escrow repository you are up-to-date with the latest source code changes.

One of the characteristics of continuous software development is that multiple teams simultaneously make changes and roll them out on an environment (CI/CD). Source code versioning is crucial in this process and is an integral part of the development process of software suppliers. More and more suppliers are using Git code repositories to streamline this process. This provides opportunities within the escrow arrangement.

Always up-to-date

These code repositories contain the current source code and offer the possibility to also keep the deposited escrow material up-to-date. To achieve this, we set up our own escrow repository at Escrow4all. This escrow repository can receive the latest changes on a frequent basis (push) or Escrow4all can retrieve the latest changes on a frequent basis (pull). This ensures that the deposited material is synchronized with the latest developments. An additional advantage is that the history of the code is also known. If necessary, the beneficiaries of the escrow arrangement can profit from this.

Digital Safe

In addition to the physical offline safe at Escrow4all, you can also use our new digital online safe. A copy of the escrow repository is made at agreed times (daily, weekly, etc.) and stored encrypted in the digital online safe. As you would expect from us, we also store an extra safety copy in our physical offline vaults. This way you can be sure that the source code is available when the escrow arrangement is called.

Pull or Push

The escrow repository can be updated in two ways: by retrieving (pull) the latest code by Escrow4all or by sending (push) the latest changes by the software vendor. In both cases the software supplier retains control; by granting the correct access (pull) or by sending the correct information (push).

When choosing to send (push), unlimited software changes can be sent to your escrow repository. When choosing pull, Escrow4all retrieves the latest changes on a regular basis and stores them in your escrow repository.

Ease of use

Both processes are fully automated. Once it is set up, the only thing that needs to be done is to check it regularly. The supplier remains responsible for supplying or giving access to the correct information. By automating the process, the software supplier hardly has any work to do after the process has been set up.

In short, the development process runs continuously, making it important to be sure that the latest version of the software is stored with Escrow4all. With our escrow repository you are always up-to-date with these latest changes.


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