‘At Escrow4all? They really can’t get rid of me there’, Saron van Emden, contract manager

‘How do my days start? With a one-hour gym session on my rowing machine,’ smiles Saron van Emden, contract manager at Escrow4all since March this year. ‘Afterwards, I shower and have breakfast; my husband usually makes sure the kids get to school. I then cycle from east Amsterdam to our office near Sloterdijk. Every day I deal with drafting and finalizing contracts for prospective clients, which are shared with me by the sales department to properly record the agreements around escrow in detail. Sometimes I draw up a contract directly from A to Z and other times I draw up a part of a contract at an earlier stage. It’s heavy brainwork, which is one of the reasons I deliberately chose a part-time contract. Fortunately, Escrow4all gives me the freedom to arrange my work hours as effectively as possible.’

Sales and contract management as a golden comboi

‘I also have regular customer contact; this contact is mainly about the legal matters that will be included in the contract. Furthermore, I attend meetings with clients when necessary. This not only gives me a lot of energy, but I also notice how useful it is that my sales colleagues and contract management work closely together on this. We complement each other seamlessly, each from our respective areas of expertise. That is a golden combination for the customer as far as I’m concerned.’

Transparent agreements

‘And that combination also applies to my personality and Escrow4all. I had a great click with Herman (ed. director.) from the very first meeting. He trained me very well and he taught me to understand all the ins and outs. With that knowledge, I in turn, help my sales colleagues, so that the agreements made for all parties are correctly and transparently recorded in the escrow agreement. That in turn is desirable because, when the arrangement is to be extracted, its contents should be clear.

Serious side and lots of fun

‘Besides the serious side of the work, in which we work hard together, there is also a lot of fun on the work floor. That is one of the reasons why, besides the fact that I really enjoy my job, I like going to the office instead of working from home. When I got a permanent contract I immediately joked that they really wouldn’t get rid of me now. That feeling hasn’t changed to this day and continues to grow,’ Saron continues.

Saron van Emden

ICT as an interest

‘While I was studying Dutch law, eventually graduating in criminal law, I still had the idea that I wanted to become a juvenile court judge. But once I worked as a court clerk for the juvenile court, the cases grabbed me personally too strongly. As a result, I realized that this was not my path. In hindsight, ICT did spark my interest before: it was no coincidence that I graduated on the subject of ‘Hacking as an investigative method’,’ Saron says. ‘Ultimately, law, like ICT, is also a rather technical way of thinking. Actually, legal work is putting together a correct puzzle’.

That one signature under the new contractt

‘My day is successful when I can cycle home, and I have been able to tick off everything on my schedule. When at the end of the week a signature can be put under a new contract, and I have learned a lot during the process from beginning to end, then I cycle home with a big smile and can let go of work until it is Monday,’ Saron concludes.


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