Identity Digital switches to Escrow4all to escrow all its Top Level Domains

Established Data Escrow provider Escrow4all has been chosen by leading Registry Services Provider Identity Digital (rebranding of the association of veteran Registries Donuts and Afilias) to support them through their innovative and fully GDPR compliant domain escrow service.

Escrow4all is a leading provider of data and software escrow services based in the Netherlands and serving the domain name industry since 2014. In their agreement with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (“ICANN”), Top Level Domain Registries are required to escrow their domain data every day with a specifically accredited provider. This is a critical security mechanism ensuring business continuity for millions of domain name registrants, and websites, and Escrow4all is the only pure escrow player entrusted with providing the service.

For Identity Digital, escrowing the data of our 272 Top Level Domains is much more than a contractual requirement” commented Ram Mohan, Chief Strategy Officer, Identity Digital. “By switching to Escrow4all, we knew we would get the support and benefit that we need from the company’s single focus and constant innovation. The transition of all the TLDs was seamless, and Escrow4all continues to provide the service effectively in alignment with our expectations.

Contrary to other ICANN approved data escrow providers, Escrow4all does not have any other interest in the domain name industry, and its sole business is to provide escrow services. “We are delighted to welcome Identity Digital to our new US-based infrastructure” commented Herman Kui, CEO of Escrow4all “Having such an industry leader join our customers validates our vision of being a pure player with a tailored, client centric service offering”. Escrow4all has set up a US subsidiary specifically serving US clients. Relying on the same “privacy by design” principles observed in Europe by the parent company, the entity offers dedicated infrastructure on the East and the West Coast. Migrating Identity Digital’s 272 TLDs was done overnight and a full deposit of all the domain name data can be transferred just within two hours.

Identity Digital switches to Escrow4All

About Identity Digital:
Identity Digital Inc. simplifies and connects the online world with domain names and related technologies to empower people to build, market, and own their authentic digital identities. With the world’s largest portfolio of nearly 300 TLDs such as .photography, .studio, .live, .technology, and .restaurant, Identity Digital supports around 25 million domains on its innovative registry services platform. In addition, Identity Digital enables customers to discover, register, support and use high-quality domain names with its registrar, Headquartered in Bellevue, WA, Identity Digital is a global company with approximately 250 employees. For more information, please visit


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